Puik Bøgeflis 6 mm 15kg

Puik Original Beech Wood Chips 5 & 15kg


Puik Beech Wood Chips make an ideal floor cover for rodent cages, rabbit hutches, bird cages, aviaries, dovecots and terrariums. These dried, 100% natural beech wood chips are highly absorbent and therefore prevent the growth of mould inside animal cages. Cover the floor of the animal cage with a layer of 5 cm Puik Beech Wood Chips. For optimum hygiene, replace the entire contents once a week. Used beech wood chips can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner with ordinary garden and organic waste or on the compost heap. The beech wood chips come in fine (6 mm), medium (8 mm) and coarse (10 mm) in 5 or 15 kg packs.




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